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Fit, Fabulous & Funky

Fit, Fabulous & Funky

Hello fabulous ladies

We are all aware that the gorgeous South African summer is around the corner! Some of us may not be too excited about this fact, possibly due to an incredibly tasty and delicious winter, and might be terrified of putting on those shorts or skirts?

I know I am!

Even though I have completely overindulged in all of the wrong things this winter, I exercise almost every single day and absolutely love it! For the first six months of 2014, I did no exercise at all and it took a huge toll on my mind and body - anybody that knows me knows how cranky I get with no exercise for a few days, never mind a whole 6 months! The one thing that got me back into the gym was making sure that my outfit looked amazing, which makes you feel amazing and leads to a killer workout. I can honestly say that no gym session is complete without doing it in a pair of Ali August leggings...

These beautiful leggings fit your body perfectly - no matter what your body type is. There is no doubt that you will be incredibly comfortable whether you're doing high intensity interval training or a pilates class. They do not fade, stretch or become see-through overtime and were designed with the active female in mind, helping you to transition through your day in style and comfort while looking completely and utterly fabulous. 

Another thing that I love about these Ali August leggings - and what makes me obsessed with them - is that there are so many beautiful prints and patterns that anyone would be able to find a pair that suits them, their personality and their mood perfectly. The waistband sits just above the hips, will not slide down and can also be folded over. They are made in Brazil and the fabric composition is 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex. These gym leggings stretch up to seven times their original size and feel extremely soft to the touch and very luxurious - so luxurious that you'd probably find me in a pair no matter where I am or what the time of day is... 

We at Schnazz have two new prints in stock this week: optique and flight of fancy. You can shop the whole range of these beautiful leggings HERE to make sure that you feel fit, fabulous and funky! Please note that while the same pattern is used, your leggings may differ slightly from the one in the picture.




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